Your East Coast Cruising School

Start Yachting

A two day entry level course introduced for the complete beginner that can be followed up with a three day course to complete the competent crew syllabus.

Competent Crew

This is also an entry level course but contains the full syllabus and takes five days.  No previous experience is necessary.  At the end of the course, the student will be competent to act as a crew member on a yacht and will know how to operate the standard equipment normally in use on a yacht.


Previous sailing experience is required along with knowledge of navigation techniques to shorebased dayskipper standard.  The Students should have logged at least 100 sea miles and at least four night hours.

Coastal Skipper

This course is for the more experienced Sailor with a minimum of 15days sailing and at least 300 miles including eight night hours.  Navigational skills to Coastal Skipper theory are required.  The course covers extended passage planningand the efficient operation of the vessel and crew.